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A little while ago TheLoneWulf  and I got to talking about how scattered many of the interesting tidbits of the BattleTech universe are. It’s easy enough to find info on war machines and technology, but things like animals, plants, and food unique to the setting are often sprinkled throughout various novels and sourcebooks.

To that end, I’ve started a wiki to compile this information into one place. The goal of the wiki is to pool this "background" information into one convenient place, for fans to use in their campaigns, fiction and art.

(I realize that there is already a BattleTech wiki,, for which I am immensely grateful. But much of its focus is on major factions and combat technology.)

I've begun by creating categories for the subject the wiki aims to cover, as well as a few articles and some stub pages.

Flora & Fauna
  • Wild Animals
  • Domestic Animals
  • Plants
Food & Drink
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Religion
  • Folklore
  • Holidays
  • Arts
  • Popular Culture
  • Diseases
  • Medical Treatments
  • Drugs
Consumer Technology

I’d love to hear from anyone else interested in this project, including feedback on categories, suggestions for managing the project, how to post the collected info, and anything else you care to weigh in on. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the wiki is more than welcome to do so!

As you contribute, please remember a few things:

  • Always cite entries. Even if you’re unsure about formatting, be sure to provide an official source for your data somewhere on the page. This includes BattleTech products such as sourcebooks, novels, etc.
  • While there may be room for fan contributions down the road, (such as fan-created creatures), the present goal is to accumulate canon information. Please do not add fan-created material at this time.
  • Please stick to material from the categories outlined in the wiki. Topics such as weaponry, for example, are better suited to
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